Futures trading

Futures are probably one of the most suitable instruments for active retail investors and traders. The advantages of futures contracts are numerous:

  • Fully electronic markets without manual intervention. There are no brokers ‘working’ your orders. There are no market makers against which you trade.
  • The futures markets are centralized (e.g. the FTSE future is only trading on Liffe in London) and fully transparent.
  • Professional and private investors have the same information, technology and data at their disposal. There is a level playing ground.
  • Futures are fairly easy to understand and all the futures markets operate according to the same concepts.
  • Futures offer a great variety of underlying instruments such as market indices, oil, gold, currencies, etc.Futures trading software
  • The spreads on futures are tighter than the spreads on instruments which are priced off futures such as CFDs or spread bets.
  • The commissions to trade futures are among the lowest in the financial services industry. Low commissions and tight spreads make futures a cheap instrument to trade for private investors.

Read more about what futures are, how you can trade them and, what you need to keep in mind.

NEW! (Semi)-automated trading with WHS Nanotrader

WHS Nanotrader is an impressive futures trading platform. This platform offers unlimited possibilities for traders wishing to trade on the basis of charts and technical analysis. In addition manual, semi-automated and automated trading are all possible.

The beauty of this platform, as opposed to, for example, Tradestation or Metatrader, is that it requires zero programming skills for most traders’ requirements.

Automated trading with WHS Futurestation

More information on this trading platform can be found here.

Learning tool – trading signals

The broker WH SelfInvest (offices in Belgium, Holland, France, Luxemburg and Germany) has developed a free futures trading teaching tool for their clients. This tool is based on the concept of market structure points. It consists of a reading and test section as well as real-time trading signals with a clear entry, stop and target.

Futures trading signals

The idea behind the tool is to illustrate that everybody can learn how to trade futures without significant losses. This does not mean you are guaranteed to make money but it does teach you the principles of going into the market prudently and with rules to guide you. Anyway, you’ll get the gist of it with this two-week free demo.